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Category: Health

Volume:2 Issue:3

Content Editorial-Impacts of Pandemic  IX Gaye Hafez Letter to Editor Page: 161 Genada Sinani Research Article Median Nerve Decompression Using Mini-Skin Incision in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Surgical Technique and Clinical Results  163-171 Güray Bulut Review SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic in Nigeria: The Impact on Age and Sex Distributions 173-189 Francis Olawale Abulude, Ifeoluwa Ayodeji Abulude Case Report…
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Volume:2 Supplement:1

Aurum-JHS-KongreOzel-10-09-2020   Research Article Investigation of Knowledge and Behaviour of Adult Individuals in Terms of Sustainable Nutrition  1-4 Gökçen Garipoğlu, Büşra Çakır Application of Tramadol Hydrogel as a Transdermal Drug Delivery with SonophoresisDevice to Rats  5-18 Sitem Merve Şahin, Gülengül Duman, Ece Genç, Alper Yaman, Elif Çiğdem Altunok Evaluation of Preoperative Tests in Elective Surgeries…
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Volume:2 Issue:2

. Editorial / Pages: IX / Gaye HAFEZ CONTENTS . Editorial – Covid-19 Outbreak / Pages : IX / Gaye HAFEZ . Letter to Editor / Pages : 71 / Başak BIYIKOĞLU RESEARCH ARTICLE . Our Clinical Experience in Upper Lumbar Hernia: Retrospective Evaluation of 47 Patients / Pages: 73-81 / Güray BULUT . Chemical Composition of Essential Oil From Aerial Parts…
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Volume:2 Issue:1

. Editorial / Pages: IX / Gaye HAFEZ RESEARCH ARTICLE . A Comparative Analysis of Biofilm Characteristics of Dual-Species Periodontopathogenic Biofilm based on Fusobacterium nucleatum and the Dual-Species Biofilm Response in the Presence of Antimicrobial Peptide / Pages: 1-10 / Mutlu KESKİN REVIEW . Epigenetic Approach in Forensic Age Estimation / Pages: 11-19 / Şükriye…
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Volume:1 Issue:2

. Contents . Editorial / Pages: IX / Gaye HAFEZ CASE STUDY . Recurrence of Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis of Jaws: A Case Report with One Year Follow-up / Pages: 71-78 / Özlem OKUMUŞ, Vakur OLGAÇ, Semih ÖZBAYRAK RESEARCH ARTICLE . Determination of Antibacterial Effect of Punica Granatum Shell Extract / Pages: 79-86 / İpek ADA,…
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Volume:1 Issue:1

. Contents . Editorial / Pages: IX / Kaan POLATOĞLU CASE STUDY . Treatment of Multiple Gingival Recessions by Tunnel Technique and Acellular Dermal Matrix Graft : A Case Report / Pages: 1-9 / İlknur ÖZENCİ, Şebnem DİRİKAN İPÇİ, Göksel ÇAKAR, Selçuk YILMAZ . Nasolabial Cyst: Management of Maxillofacial Soft Tissue Lesion / Pages: 11-16…
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