Liabilities and Responsibilities of Editors

AURUM editors are obliged to be accountable for all kinds of activities they engage within the context of publishing the journal. Their main goal is set to respond the need of readers and authors while enhancing the academic performance of the journal. It is their duty to support freedom of opinion and ensure the reliability of the academic content. Considering the financial challenges in publishing sector, the editors are obliged to exclude impacts of any commercial concerns on AURUM not to sacrifice from its intellectual and ethical standards.

They accept in advance to publish any kind of corrections, refutations and excuses when required. The responsibility towards readers is a sensitive issue where the editors should inform about the funder of particular research or other academic work. If the financial supporters of particular research have any impact on a scholarly work, the reader must be informed. Editors’ action to admit or reject a scholarly work must be free of subjective criterion but based on objective standards related to its uniqueness/originality and relevance to the research areas of AURUM.

The process of receiving application shall be fully democratic where all applications to be considered unless major errors are observed. Once an author receives an acceptance of publishing from AURUM his/her right cannot be withdrawn in case of an editor change within the process.

The authors shall be given an opportunity to initiate an appeal process against any editorial discretion. As editors should offer a guidance of preparing the manuscripts, AURUM stands behind it’s published “style guide” and preserves it’s right to make revisions.